Thursday, February 17, 2011

About Life: Creating & Balance

Hello! Life's about creating things. And, I've been caught up lately in getting my business registered and launched, instead of posting blogs here. I am also contributing articles for a number of different news sources..., as well as commenting about six times a week on blogs (BNET, Financial Times, Forbes, Psychology Today, Life Inc./Today Show, Lifestyle/MSN) as the Mars Venus Coaching, Corporate Media Relations specialist.

So, yes, there is balance. And I dropped the personal blog ball as I juggled the set up of Twitter, our company Facebook page, and LinkedIn into the air. I'm almost there....and will be now focused on getting more content on the profiles up..., as I also do my real job! And then my real "real" job of growing our child! And my third job of being a supportive wife, sister, and daughter!

I'm also up on She's Connected (Lyndsay Katauskas and Coach Lyndsay) and Your Tango (as Mars Venus Coaching and Lyndsay Katauskas) are posted there as well as articles. the meantime, if you're still interested in what I'm writing about--the information is phenomenal...follow me on--
Twitter: AbsolutePotenzi
Facebook: Mars Venus Coaching with Absolute Potential, LLC
LinkedIn: Absolute Potential, LLC

I love the comments, and the greatest compliment you can give is to refer my work to your friends and family.

To a little creating each day, and keeping the balance!

One last note...I have had several friends lately say they are interested in becoming a coach too. So, if you're reading this, and you're interested in being a coach too, then let me know!

We are all scattered all about, but one of the ways I've set the biz up is to do either weekly group coaching sessions or 1-on-1 coaching sessions over the phone or on Skype. I will always pick Skype with video over any of the tele- options, so we can cue in on nonverbal communication as well as verbal..., so if you're interested in setting up an action plan where you spell out how to get yourself from where you are now to being a coach, or whatever you've being dreaming about...let me know. That's what I do. I get you started and the ball rolling so that dream doesn't stay ether, but actually becomes your reality.

Back to blog commenting!

The Basic Ways We Change

There are three ways in which we can actively monitor ourselves so that we may change how we interact with our surroundings:

(1) Thoughts (cognitions)
(2) Feelings (emotions)
(3) Actions (behaviors)

When you are in traditional counseling sessions--the counselor uses a variety of theories that typically focus on one of these areas to help you make changes in your life. In the best case scenario the theory that the counselor is using is based on their training background/when they received their masters degree, as well as what the current trend is based upon research on the effectiveness of the theories in actual practice. However, we won't delve too deeply into theories and understanding methodology, because this site is educational and for you to understand more of how you work.

The activities that are posted and linked on this blog are to help give you immediate tools to begin actively reorganizing how you interact with your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

People that are aware that they can use their feelings and thoughts to influence their actions are able to control what happens to them. Novel idea? This is because they recognize that they can influence their outcomes based on identifying the emotions they are feeling, then choosing what thoughts they would like to focus on, and then putting it in to action.

Latest Research on the Impact of Marriage on Family Life

This week check out your skills on how much you know about how marriage impacts family life.

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